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Sharon Jennings


Sharon has been playing music as long as she can remember… it all started at 3 years old with two turntables, a radio and a microphone hosting her own Top 40 countdown. She feels music is the international language and providing access to music, arts and media is core to cultural expression, understanding and unification of all peoples. Because of this passionate belief, Sharon has devoted her life to advocate the power of musical communication through DJing on radio, online and in clubs; selecting music for broadcast, film and TV; interviewing key artists, composers and musicians; and, producing music videos, festivals and documentaries while completing her Master’s Thesis on the socio-political effects of a rock band’s use of iconography to spread their message.

Her career of over 25 years has taken her on a sonic journey that includes stops at MTV as a music programmer; CBS Radio as an MD and announcer; a Silicon Valley start-up developing early podcasting; the California State University system as an educator in broadcast, film and music video production and media management; non-profit KPFK Pacifica Radio to lead development and communications; and, Sony & Universal Music Publishing’s joint venture, APM Music, to market, pitch and produce music for media synchronization.

Sharon’s pa­th has led her to use her experience, background and reputation as a dynamic leader to assist creative artists and organizations successfully define their culture, build their brand identity and create integrated marketing strategies with her consulting group, Spectacle Media. She is especially devoted to mentoring students and members of under-represented communities by giving them the tools to document, express and distribute their voice. In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors at LAMusArt, she is currently an advisor to the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation and volunteer at various arts organizations.

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