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Art Open House 2015

Art Open House 2015 016

On Thursday, October 1st, 2015, LAMusArt hosted an Art Open House to showcase and celebrate the hard work of the art students and the teachers that help them turn their creative vision into a work of art. The event opened up with an opening statement by the Executive Director, Manuel Prieto, and art teachers, Erick Altamirano and Zeina Baltagi. Baltagi introduced the guest speaker, Miles Lewis, an organizer, artist, and educator in the San Fernando Valley.

Lewis spoke about his study and his development as an artist as well as his current role in developing other young artists. He currently teaches and collaborates in drawing and fine art printmaking media, through his Valley Print Studio, the one community-engaged fine-art print studio in the San Fernando Valley.

After the brief lecture, parents and students were invited to the courtyard to enjoy complimentary sweet bread, coffee, tea, and milk. This gave parents, students, and teachers an opportunity to mingle, interact, and ask questions about the lecture and the school.

After the meet & greet, guests were invited into the art classroom where Ms. Baltagi and Mr. Altamirano presented their lesson plan and had a progress discussion with students and parents. During the discussion, parents also learned about the techniques that students are learning. Ms. Baltagi, who teaches the younger kids, spoke about how she is teaching her students to handle color, perspective, structure, as well as art history. Mr. Altamirano, who teaches the advanced students, spoke about his focus on helping students develop their own aesthetic and style and how they can build a portfolio that will help them be admitted to special art programs, either in high school or college.

Parents and teachers had the opportunity to speak more about the students’ creative outlet and how they can work together to continue to develop these skills. To register for art classes come by and observe a class and enroll that same day! Call us at 323.262.7734 for more info!

Art Open House 2015 031

Sophia Carrillo & her painting

Art Open House 2015 020

Guest Speaker Miles Lewis & Zeina Baltagi

Art Open House 2015 021

Guests enjoying coffee & treats

Art Open House 2015 032

Crystal Menendez, advanced art student

Art Open House 2015 033

Alejandro Miranda & his landscape painting

Art Open House 2015 041

Art teacher Mr. Altamirano, with his student Diana Alvirde & her family


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