ArtsWeek FAQ


  1. When can we register?

  2. Registration opens 6/3/2020 and up to 1 week before each ArtsWeek is set to begin.  We recommend registering for any visual art courses at least 10 days in advance to ensure timely delivery of materials

  3. How will my child’s privacy be protected in the virtual setting?

  4. To keep uninvited attendees out, teachers will password protect synchronous meetings so others cannot join in if they find the meeting ID number

  5. How much parent participation is required?

  6. Very little, we ask parents and guardians to help younger children sign online based on a planned weekly schedule.

  7. For the best experience, students will be encouraged to share their progress and work with you at home.

  8. What are the school’s health and safety protocols?

  9. Social distancing markings of 6 ft of separation inside our lobby, communal spaces, and classrooms

  10. Continued focus on contactless payment method by remitting tuition through My Music Staff or phone from home