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Expanding LAMusArt’s Reach to More Eastside Cities

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LAMusArt reaches as far as Alhambra, Montebello and Monterey Park! This January, we set out to reach youth not just in East Los Angeles but our neighboring cities.  Located right off the 60W, we have been a convenient, accessible, yet high-quality education institution with 20% of our students residing outside of East LA.

LAMusArt’s mission is to provide youth with equitable and affordable access to arts programs. Open Monday through Thursday, and Saturdays, our schedule was designed to make classes convenient for families. Our students backgrounds are as diverse as the variety of communities we reach so each class is designed to suit the students or the ensemble. Most importantly, our classes are set students up for success. Click here to see the many subjects we offer.


Tuition-Free Music Ensembles provide local students living in the Eastside free opportunities to engage and develop as ensemble musicians. Curriculum for Tuition-Free Music Ensembles focuses on three elements that build upon one another: Education/Technique, Rigor, and Professional Development. Subjects include the Choir (ages 7 – 18), Jazz (ages 14+), Mariachi (ages 7+) and Youth Orchestra (ages 14+). This year we will travel the world with Bernstein, Villa-Lobos, and Mahler: Classical and Dance Music from Around the World. Focusing on the life and works of the three conductor-composers (Leonard Bernstein, Heitor Villa-Lobos, and Gustav Mahler), the Spring Concert will celebrate the legacy of these artists through their grandiose symphonic and dance works.


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