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LAMusArt Student Artwork on Display at New Downtown Restaurant

On Monday night, community members were invited to preview the new Downtown restaurant location of Asian Box, where dozens of artworks created by our visual arts students are currently on display.

The preview night featured many sample platters and drinks of the Vietnamese-inspired menu that features locally fresh and responsibly grown ingredients. We particularly enjoyed their Vietnamese iced-coffee and delicious spring rolls.

Keeping things local is an important part of the Asian Box brand, so when it came to the topic of displaying art from local artists, Marketing Associate, Linda Noh, reached out to LAMusArt.

Student artworks were selected from the P.A.I.N.T. program (Promoting and Inspiring New Talent), which not only trains young artists to take a concept or inspiration and fully realize it to a finished work of art, but also to speak about their work and the artistic choices they made.

Asian Box customers will be able to admire and learn more about LAMusArt students and programs as they order and wait for their meals.

Community partnerships help LAMusArt spread awareness of its programs and share student talent with the community-at-large. For a delicious meal, make sure to visit Asian Box and take a glimpse of our students’ art at its new location on 440 S. Figueroa St.  


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