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Student Spotlight: Zoe Puga

Disciplines (Past/Present): Ballet 1, Art, Voice

Zoe Puga, age 8, started learning at LAMusArt in October of 2018. In her three years of arts education at LAMusArt, Zoe has taken Ballet, Art, and now voice classes to bring her artistic abilities to life. From performing on stage with her friends, to sharing laughs in Art class with Ms. Billie Rae Vinson, Zoe’s time at LAMusArt has been inspirational.

When we asked Zoe what LAMusArt has done to help her personally, she said, “It’s made me more confident and sure of myself.” She attributes it to the endless learning opportunities she’s been presented with throughout her time in and out of classes. Much of that difference has been made through learning about the history of ballet and dance because it has shown her much more reasoning and value than simply mirroring movements.

Some of her most favorite moments have been in Ballet Classes. Partial to the music, Zoe has enjoyed dancing with her teacher and classmates because of the calm and enthusiastic environment. She also appreciates the humor that her teacher brings to every class, even when it’s online! Now she is taking voice lessons and stretching her musical muscles!

Zoe’s most favored accomplishment with her dance class has been successfully performing a “port de bras,” a ballet term that directly translates to “movement of the arms” and trademark ballet movement that builds a sturdy foundation for the several other movements.

Oftentimes, you can still find Zoe performing outside of class. Whether it’s for rehearsal or to demonstrate to her friends what she’s learned, she is always eager to illustrate proper technique and learn more behind the scenes. We can’t wait to finally see Zoe perform on stage again!


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