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Student Spotlight: Emmy Velasco

Disciplines: Piano, Voice

Emmy Velasco, age 13, has been attending LAMusArt since she was 8 years old. On the recommendation from her 2nd grade teacher, Emmy began her LAMusArt journey by taking piano lessons with Mr. Brendan White in 2017. Not satisfied with becoming a wonderful pianist, Emmy set her sights on voice lessons a year later to begin her journey in becoming a musical virtuoso. Today, Emmy takes both voice and piano lessons with Mr. Eric Linnes-Bagely and says that her favorite class out of both is voice. What Emmy appreciates about Eric the most is that he “tells me what to improve on” and “tells me not to give up on the first try.” Emmy firmly believes that “Everyone deserves a teacher like Mr. Eric!” and LAMusArt believes every teacher deserves a student like Emmy.

When asked her favorite memory at LAMusArt, Emmy replied with her piano recital in 2022! Emmy cherished the opportunity to perform “Sleeping Beauty Waltz” on the LAMusArt stage and said that “it was perfect.” Emmy says she is, “very proud about performances I’ve done. It helps me get more confidence” and that she thinks, “the arts are very important because it helps you process your emotions freely and it helps look at life in different perspectives!” After learning music at LAMusArt, Emmy is surely on her way to becoming a professional musician, a profession she wants to pursue as an adult. Her love of music extends outside of LAMusArt as Emmy is part of her choir at school and also the Cathedral Children’s Choir! When not working on a new musical piece, Emmy can be found inside reading and outside playing soccer.

When asked if they could say anything to someone considering LAMusArt as their music school, Emmy replied, “Come to LAMusArt! The teachers and staff are so friendly and supportive! They will always help you out! They will be so happy to have you at LAMusArt! It’s a great place to learn more about music/arts.” LAMusArt is definitely grateful to foster passionate students like Emmy and to have them cross our creative paths.


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