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Student Spotlight: Jason Ortega

Jason Ortega is a 17-year-old musician at LAMusArt whose creative journey began in 2023 when he enrolled in guitar class with Ms. Risemberg at the school. Jason's introduction to LAMusArt came through his family, as he shared, "I found out about LAMusArt when my mom and dad signed up my sister into ballet in 2021. My brother also attends for the piano." Jason and his siblings have a familial connection to the world of the arts and creativity.

Jason's artistic journey at LAMusArt has been focused on guitar, and when asked about his favorite class, he responded, "I only took one class, being my guitar class. I am not interested in other classes." Jason has found immense passion in his guitar lessons, stating, "Ms. Bridget taught me the more I play, the better I get."

Jason's experience at LAMusArt has been transformative with the opportunity to learn and play the guitar. He shared, "I always wanted to play music I like with a guitar but I never had one. My guitar lessons at LAMusArt gave me an opportunity to learn how to play the guitar."

Outside of the arts, Jason enjoys engaging in creative activities, stating, "I like to read fiction and do creative writing." When asked about the importance of the arts, Jason emphasized, "It's another way to express yourself."

Jason’s passion for storytelling and expressing himself aligns with his dream of becoming an author in the future. Jason believes that his experiences at LAMusArt have equipped him with valuable skills. He explained, "I want to be an author when I grow up. I have learned how to be committed and express myself."

Reflecting on his favorite memory at LAMusArt, Jason fondly recalls watching his sister in ballet class. The Ortegas exemplify the sense of familial support and shared artistic experiences that is a common thread in the LAMusArt community.

When asked what makes him the most proud, Jason highlighted the collective achievements of his friends, family, and himself. He remarked, "I am most proud of all the achievements and accomplishments my friends, family, and I have received. We have made it so far to get to where we are now." As Jason walks down his creative path, we are confident he will continue to achieve greatness in his personal and professional life.

In extending an invitation to others to join the LAMusArt community, Jason enthusiastically stated, "Come to LAMusArt. They have a variety of classes that can appeal to your interests. If you like drawing, ballet, or playing instruments." Jason's journey at LAMusArt serves as a testament to the transformative power of artistic education, showcasing the diverse paths individuals can take within the vibrant and enriching LAMusArt community.


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