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Student Spotlight: Jessie Martinez

Meet Jessie Martinez, a nine-year-old girl who's a real all-rounder! She's been attending LAMusArt since she was seven, following in the footsteps of her dad, who was also a student here in the 70s. Jessie takes both piano and voice lessons and enjoys both equally, saying that she couldn’t have a favorite—and she’s even planning on taking violin and guitar classes in the future. Her favorite LAMusArt teacher is Julian Kim because “he has a sense of humor and laughs at my jokes!” LAMusArt is proud to foster fantastic and fun education between students like Jessie and Julian Kim.

Jessie's most cherished memory of LAMusArt is her second recital as she “felt confident” and like a

superstar during that performance! This young musician says that she is so “proud that I can play the

piano and have the ability to read music sheets.” Quarterly recitals for private music lessons are our

student’s favorite part of their music journey and a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent to

their loved ones.

Outside of LAMusArt, Jessie loves to expand her horizons to a multitude of activities. Jessie says that, “I like to play basketball and I like Muay Thai, I enjoy sparring in the ring.” Her talent doesn’t end there: Jessie also likes to tell stories and jokes in her free time! When asked why she thinks the arts are important, she responded by saying that, “The arts are important because they open your imagination.”

Jessie appreciates how LAMusArt has exposed her to different genres of music and wants to be a music teacher when she grows up. Jessie's top reason for recommending LAMusArt to others is that you can learn to play various instruments and explore different genres of music. LAMusArt is certainly honored to be a part of Jessie's promising artistic journey.


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