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Students Enchant Audiences

This past Friday, July 19th, Camp MusArt 16th annual season culminated in a production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr. After five weeks of creative and rigorous learning, our young performers showcased their cumulative learning in front of a large audience of family, friends and guests at the East Los Angeles College Performing Arts Center.

Camp MusArt, offers students a safe, inspiring and unique immersive experience into the world of musical theatre through music, art, dance and drama. Children ages 7-14 explore their creativity over five weeks as they work with their instructors to produce a musical and are challenged to move beyond their comfort zones as well-rounded stage performers.

To begin the performance, LAMusArt’s Executive Director, Isela Sotelo, greeted the audience and thanked the staff, production team and students for their fine work. Her warm welcome created a palpable excitement within the theatre, with parents, friends and family eagerly waiting what would be a memorable and professional performance. 

While the audience waited with eager anticipation for the performance to begin, backstage the students transformed into full-fledged performers, getting into costume, applying their own hair and makeup and joining together as a community of thespians to tell the story of Aladdin through song and dance. 

As show-time approached, the students took their places on the stage, jitters and butterflies waiting to be released from their bodies as the red curtain began rising to the sound of “Arabian Nights”.  Through the first numbers, the stage a glow with bright costumes and even more stunning showmanship, the audience was transported to Agrabah, and immersed in the life of two characters wishing to be free.  Each scene boasted large numbers complete with props and challenging costume changes, highlighted by the performances of the lead actors, and rounded out by the many ensemble members.

As well-loved numbers such as “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World” graced the stage with sparkle and grace, the show came to a close with the moral of the story founded in the principal of freedom for all.  The students took their bows by their significant roles, and all together as a company, displayed their camaraderie and lasting friendships forged from Camp MusArt.  As the audience roared with cheers and applause, the students left the stage with huge smiles, hugs, and excitement for their discovered talents, and the wonder of what Camp MusArt will bring them next year!


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