Young Musicians Shine in the LAMusArt Winter Concert

Saturday, December 11, 2021 - LAMusArt’s Tuition-Free Music Ensembles turned its East Los Angeles campus into a wintry stage set for a virtual debut of the annual Winter Concert. Led by Ensemble Directors Richard An, Claudia Garcia, Dr. Isaac Lopez and Timothy Maloof, 95 young musicians performed an array of tunes that warmed any soul who bore witness.

Opening the concert was Rebeca Castaneda and the Mariachi Ensemble in an unfeigned performance of José Alfredo Jiménez’ “Si Nos Dejan”. Outfitted in traditional Mariachi suits, all sixteen Mariachi played together in harmony. The energy carried with a fresh fusion sound from the Jazz Ensemble as they performed “Sing Sing Cocek”. In this up-tempo arrangement, Dr. Isaac Lopez showcases every section of the band in a variety of rhythms including a technical harmonious guitar solo by Joaquin Garde.