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Andrew Loveland


Andrew Loveland, an active cellist and conductor based in Los Angeles, has crafted a career marked by his virtuosity, dedication to education, and leadership within the realm of orchestral conducting. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Andrew Loveland is a name synonymous with excellence in cello performance and music education.

Boasting over a decade of teaching experience, Andrew Loveland has become a mentor to aspiring musicians across various age groups and class sizes. His pedagogical approach is characterized by a commitment to nurturing the unique potential within each student, fostering a love for music that extends beyond the classroom.

In addition to his role as an educator, Andrew serves as the Assistant Conductor for the Valley Youth Philharmonic, contributing his expertise to shape the next generation of orchestral talent. His dedication to youth music education extends further as he currently holds appointments as a conductor and cello Teaching Artist for several Harmony Project sites (a program dedicated to bringing free music education to underserved communities), demonstrating a profound belief in the transformative power of music to uplift and empower communities.

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of classical music, Andrew Loveland stands out not only for his technical prowess but also for his unwavering dedication to the advancement of music education. As he continues to weave his musical narrative, Andrew aims to leave an indelible mark on the Los Angeles music scene and inspire generations of musicians to come.

This Summer 2024, Andrew will be participating in the Maestri Series Workshop in San Francisco, CA to work with Don Schleicher and the San Francisco Philharmonic.

Andrew Loveland earned his Master’s degree in cello performance from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB.

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