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Chris Moore


Chris Moore has been teaching and performing drum set and world percussion for over 20 years.

His passion for drumming stemmed as a child when Chris would receive various world percussion instruments his mother would collect from trips around the world. He started playing drum set at age 10, continued at Philadelphia Performing Arts High School, then moved to California and attended Cal arts where he received his BFA in World Music with a focus on music from India and Africa.

At Cal arts Chris studied drumset with Ed Mann (Frank Zappa), hand percussion with John Bergamo, and learned Indian music from Taranath Rao, Amiya Dasgupta, and Swapan Chaudhuri.

He has performed and recorded with several well known LA musicians and artists including Beatles cover band The Fab Four, world music fusion band Baast, Indian classical quartet Kinnara and has performed his own music live on radio station KPFK as well as several lecture/performances at noted schools such as Cal State Northridge music department.

Chris has taught at the Los Angeles Music and Art school for over ten years. In addition to teaching at LAMusart Chris has taught countless other students at several other schools, outreach programs as well as through the LA Music grant he has received several times to teach advanced musicians to utilize Indian music theory and skills on their own western instruments.

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