Pete Risi


Pete Risi is committed to teaching students learn to play the guitar, make progress, and have fun while doing so. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music from Mercy College and the Westchester Conservatory of Music in NY and has over twenty years of guitar, composing, performing, recording, and teaching experience.

Whether you or your child is interested in learning the guitar from the very beginning or to advance an existing playing level, together we can customize a program that’s right for you. Our lessons are taught in a casual, friendly atmosphere using many solid and proven methods while having a clear understanding of musical elements. We can cover chords, songs, scales, note reading, theory, technique, improvisation, songwriting and more in many different styles. We can start with any guitar type whether it’s classical (nylon string guitar), acoustic steel string, electric, or bass guitar. You can bring in any books or learning materials you may have or we can determine which ones to pick up that will be right for you.

The only things I would ask is for the student to have interest in wanting to learn to play, put in practice time at home in order to make our progress, and to feel free to ask any and as many questions you may have in order to make this the best learning experience possible. I encourage parents to either check in periodically or meet with me quarterly to discuss your child’s progress.