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Ricardo Fryson Jr.


Ricardo Fryson Jr. is a music director, multi-instrumentalist, conductor, composer, arranger, and educator. He was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. Where he began his musical studies at a young age, participating in and directing choirs, concert bands, jazz bands, and marching bands. He studied music throughout elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. He has held positions such as Drumline Section Leader, Blake High School Concert Master, Board member and composer for Unruly Theater Co., and President and Assistant Director of Florida State’s Gospel Choir.

Ricardo has a passion for pushing students who have a desire, dedication, and purpose in pursuing music and furthering their studies as musicians. Ricardo seeks to provide the best experience for any musician that encounters him, no matter their experience and level of musicianship.

Ricardo is currently a student at Florida State University, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences- Sociology, Music, and Mass and Media Communications with a minor in Criminology. Ricardo continues to write and produce his music and work with other independent artists and groups.

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