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Ryan Hare


Hare’s journey into the world of percussive exploration began at the age of five. Equal parts self taught and formal training from elementary school through college, Hare transmits a robust foundation in rudimental drumming techniques, coupled with creative expression on the drumset, which is rooted in a myriad of modern jazz influences, world music, and passion for improvisation. Growing up in the scenic lore of Northeast Vermont, Hare was heavily influenced by the complexities of nature.

Deferring from his UVM enrollment in 2003, Hare received a full time gig based out of Asheville, NC with an Indie Pop outfit at 19 years old where he was immersed in recording arts, and weekly performances. There he began performing in African Drum and Dance classes under the direction of a rotating cast of native Guinean professional percussionists. He then began pursuing drumset applications with Justin Perkins of Toubab Krewe, who were touted as creating “a new standard of fusions of rock and roll and west african music.” Hare learned from Perkins years of experience living and studying in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Mali where he worked with Ali Farke Toure, Toumani Diabate, and Mamady Keita. This embedded a hearty respect for the heritage of drumming and its most raw forms of syncopation. He then relocated to New England pursuing a contemporary jazz drum set performance degree, studying under Jeff Salisbury of the Percussive Arts Society at Northern Vermont University where he gained invaluable experience in his early twenties. Hare brings shape into musical ensembles with syncopation both primitive, from his earliest days in African Drum and Dance ensembles, and modern, from his contemporary jazz, world, pop studies and touring experience.

In 2008 Hare founded Wild Hare Drum School in Bellingham, WA teaching and developing public school music enrichment programs before opening his own facility which thrived from 2008-2017. At WHDS he taught alongside alternative rock drumming legend Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander of Primus, and Death Cab For Cutie's Jason McGerr. Hare routinely performed in the PNW, Seattle and Vancouver, BC area with the likes of Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamar Organ Trio, and the renown Seattle Hammond organ keyboardist Joe Doria. Hare later co-founded Wild Hare Music School offering classical and rock band studies to the greater Bellingham area.

Hare draws on over a decade of teaching experience paying close attention to fostering a positive classroom environment, demonstrating the importance of unifying our own personal inspiration with classical percussion & drum set techniques. He speaks to the art of teaching, the conscious manipulation of the learning environment to achieve a desired result for his students. Hare realizes students who are appropriately challenged are intrinsically motivated to achieve their own personal best. His approach aids students in developing music reading, writing, ear training skills along with four way interdependence, groove, time keeping, & rudiments. Hare’s work sheds light on his joy for teaching and the transformative power of healthy role modeling for aspiring drummers. As a teacher he believes using strategies derived from understanding the physiological process of motivation is at the core of building a sustainable artistic path.

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