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Timothy Maloof


Timothy Maloof has been teaching Violin and leading the LAMusArt String Ensembles since
2010. Timothy is very passionate about passing on his love and knowledge of violin and music,
his focus is on the students acquiring the proper technique and musicality to excel as violinists
and creative musicians. He not only teaches classical repertoire but also shares the traditional
music of his background, exposing the students to other musical forms and cultures. His classes
are fun and enlightening, yet he has high expectations from his students.
His musical experiences are varied, from the Arabic music he grew up with, to rock, electronic,
experimental, and the classical music he studied as a violinist. Timothy has performed and
recorded extensively in many different genres. In addition, he has composed many pieces and
songs, as well as an orchestral suite consisting of twelve pieces for student orchestra.
He currently performs with his band, the Saffron Ensemble; they perform traditional Arabic
music and original compositions. His newest endeavor, Scylla and Charybdis, is a band which
performs live to videos he has produced, combining his art and music backgrounds.
Timothy holds two Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) degrees in Art and Music and a Master’s of Music
(MM) degree from California State University, Los Angeles.

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