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LAMusArt Live! Season of Performances

Season One


Saturday, October 10 at 8pm
SAFFRON ENSEMBLE: Connecting Worlds
Featuring Timo Maloof, Daniel Corral, Lina Kaisey and David Martinelli


Join us for an evening of traditional Southwest Asian and North Afrikan (SWANA) repertoire as well as original compositions influenced by these traditions. This program exposes audiences to the varied sounds and modes not used in the Western lexicon, and our SWANA audience to our interpretation of classics and informed originals. 


Saturday, November 14 at 8pm

TABLAO: Noche de Flamenco

Featuring Tiana Alvarez, Briseyda Zarate and Gabriel Osuna


Flamenco, a dance passed down through generations, originated in the southern regions of Spain, but it's thought to be influenced by many world cultures, including Latin American, Cuban, and Jewish traditions. Modern day flamenco now includes classical guitar and a mix of percussion rhythms achieved by the tabla, or wooden dance floor, and palmas, the dancer’s hands to create a unique mix of music, poetry and dance. 

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Saturday, December 12 at 8pm

MARIACHI: A Musical Celebration
Featuring Maira Solis and Mariachi Tierra Mia


Since the 1930s, the mariachi has been widely considered the quintessential Mexican folk-derived musical ensemble, and has become an institution symbolic of Mexican music and culture.  Its recent revival in the United States has helped give new life to the mariachi, whose appeal transcends ethnic groups and national borders and are delighted for this special presentation. 


Saturday, January 16 at 8pm

KORDUROY: Latin-Soul Fusion Night
Featuring Dr. Isaac Lopez, Corbin Jones and Ryan McDiarmid


This performance will lift the voices reminding us all to enact social change, which is the intention of a few of these compositions. The performance will remind us that music serves a purpose not only to convey messages of love and joy,  but can have a social message and be a means to process feelings and emotions in healthy and productive ways.

Saturday, February 13 at 8pm
Featuring: Cat Mahatta 


The experimental instrumental and compositional approaches are exercises of freedom themselves, explorations of humanness within digital confines.


The live performance art creates alternate time-spaces in which oppressed lives feel exalted. In these spaces, every month is filled with Pride and Black Lives have always mattered.

Saturday, March 13 at 8pm

Led by Dr. Ashely Salinas


At the height of the pandemic, LAMusArt students under the tutelage of Austin Chanu learned the ins and outs of composition using strings and woodwind instruments.  After composing and scoring their pieces, professional musicians helmed by Dr. Ashley Salinas  will bring these works to life in this world premiere of their work.

Saturday, April 17 at 8pm 

ENCORE: BROADWAY: Charlotte Mary Wen in Concert

Featuring Hamilton’s Charlotte Mary Wen and Morgan Anita Wood


The special concert will feature performances by Charlotte Mary Wen (Hamilton, Frozen, Mamma Mia), LAMusArt student performances and a night of shared sentiments and support. All proceeds will support and maintain access to high quality arts education programs on the eastside. 

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Saturday, May 15 at 8pm 

ENCORE: PLAYMAKING, Students Write, Adults Perform

Featuring: Danny Jolles, Diana Romo, Ebony Howard, Eddie Ruiz, Elizabeth Morrison, Jesse Holcomb, John Garet Stoker, Kathleen Jequinto, Marnina Schon and Michael O'Konis


A hands-on program that engages students ages 9 – 11 in the fundamentals of playwriting over the course of 10 weeks, culminating in a public performance of the student-written work by professional actors.

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