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Maritza Ortiz


Maritza Ortiz started her musical journey as a child when she discovered the guitar and piano with the help of her dad. At the age of twelve she attended a specialized middle/high school for music and arts, and her love for creating music really took off. At the age of thirteen she discovered the violin and was so inspired, she completely fell in love with its unique beauty. Maritza’s passion for music goes beyond the instrument itself, she feels the need to deliver her music to people of all ages. She realized music can make them feel empowered to pursue their own destiny. She also believes music can heal and touch their hearts, as well as put a smile on their faces.

Maritza attended the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, specializing in Violin Performance and Music Education studies. She has performed with different orchestras and ensembles since the age of fifteen, including, the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, San Juan Pops Orchestra, Arturo Somohano Orchestra, Padre Soler Chamber Orchestra, Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra, private venues, weddings and organizations. She is classically trained but she is passionate about the different sounds and rhythms music offers and loves incorporating her violin playing with them. This includes pop, salsa, latin jazz, rock, and many more. Maritza has also collaborated on multiple recordings sessions and albums throughout the years.

Having started her musical journey in San Juan, Puerto Rico, her love for music has taken her through different cities in the United States including Louisiana, Texas, and Florida and the Caribbean islands of Saint Thomas and Aruba. She moved to Los Angeles in 2015 with her family to follow her passion for music and to give her daughter Nicole the opportunity to further develop herself as a young artist, singer-songwriter, and actress, in the city of Angels.

In addition to performing, Maritza’s passion for music has also been transmitted to her students through her violin, cello and piano lessons. She believes that anyone can learn, at any age, and believes that music is a great contributor to early child development, because it demands discipline and a mindset that can make other interests more doable.

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