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Arts Internship

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Claudia Garcia

I believe music education should supplement social emotional development in children, and my goal as a teacher is for music to be a way for children to discover, celebrate, and nurture their personal power.  Given the racist and anti-feminist history and tendencies in music education in the United States, I am intentional in my selection of works for the curriculum I design to ensure representation of the students I am teaching in addition to uplifting BBIA voices.  When my students smile, participate, ask questions, share personal connections to content, and are motivated to continue their music education outside the classroom, I know that my lessons are fun and engaging. 


During [synchronous] music class, my students know they are in a safe space with a teacher who wants to know how they're feeling before asking if they practiced, and "bandmates" who cheer them on, stand up for them, and are there when they need support.  They know I value education above their progress in my class, but they also know they learn a lot about history, culture, geography, languages, math, and other arts disciplines in my class.  My music students know that they will receive some sort of compliment for their participation, and they know they can talk to me about anything. 


Especially during these times I believe it's important to be flexible, open minded, and excited about the different strategies that can be implemented through online learning. This year I have attended several workshops and am always excited for an opportunity to become a better teacher.  I aim to always be open to suggestions and feedback from colleagues, parents, administrators, and students, as well as to collaborations.   I am also committed to self-care because it not only helps me, but I can also model this for my students.


Arts Education Bootcamp



Billie Rae Vinson

My educational philosophy is centered around the idea that art has the power to encourage confidence, develop problem solving skills, and provide students with invaluable tools to communicate ideas and express emotions in an ever changing and complex world. By learning about artworks made by artists from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and discussing works of art with their peers, students have the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives and develop empathetic points of view. By exposing students to the intrepid spirit of the artist I hope to inspire them to be fearless in creating their own artworks. Students learn in many different ways and by taking part in hands-on art making activities that include movement, sounds, smells, and visuals there are more opportunities to engage all students. I strive to provide a safe environment for all of my students in which they can share their ideas, listen to others, and take risks. Billie Rae Vinson

Lesson Plan 3


Carissa Songhorian

"The secret in education lies in respecting the student."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 



Alisa De Los Santos

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