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Jared Nassaney


Jared Nassaney discovered his passion for the arts at the young age of nine when he ventured into a local music shop. Being fortunate enough to have parents that would nurture this passion, Jared was afforded the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar, trombone, and piano, (in addition to an assortment of other musical instruments). By the age of eighteen, Jared left home to pursue a career as a touring musician and spent the next six years as a touring bass player for a nationally recognized rock band. Upon finishing his last tour, Jared decided to cultivate his next goal of obtaining a higher education. He has since graduated with a degree in Finance with a minor in English Writing and Rhetoric from California State University, Northridge and currently works for a public accounting firm. Most importantly, he is excited to apply his passion for the arts by contributing to the Young Professionals Advisory Board at the Los Angeles Music and Arts School.

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