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The Los Angeles Music and Art School (LAMusArt) was founded by educator Pearle Irene Odell in 1945. Ms. Odell was a visionary educator who recognized the tremendous need to offer after-school arts programs to the underserved youth of East Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. With the School’s founding Music Director, Robert R. Webb, LAMusArt began providing music instruction in two small, Victorian-style homes on South Boyle Avenue in Boyle Heights. By the late 1950s, the demand for the School’s programs could not be accommodated in such a small place. With the generous support of the community and friends of the school, LAMusArt acquired its present site on East Third Street in the mid 60s. Construction of the school building was completed in 1967 and an addition to the school parking lot was completed in 1994.

The Los Angeles Music and Art School has become a cornerstone of the East Los Angeles Community and has flourished throughout the decades. It will continue to be a haven of arts education for East Los Angeles and the surrounding community and looks forward to many more years of service.

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