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Alumni Spotlight: Coreen Ruiz

Coreen Ruiz, a 21 year old alumni of the Los Angeles Music and Art school, is continuing her studies at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a track in Mass Media. During her time at LAMusArt Coreen was involved in multiple aspects of the school. She participated in the LAMusArt Choir ensemble and took voice lessons from 2003-2010. She also was a student in Camp MusArt from 2003-2007 where she had roles in musicals such as Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Guys and Dolls, and Bye Bye Birdie. Soon after her time as a student was over she became a camp counselor for Camp Musart where she enjoyed mentoring the students as she had been mentored by the LAMusArt staff throughout her years as a student. Now in her college career Coreen has interned at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as well as SmartCEO Magazine for the Philadelphia branch. Coreen looks back at her LAMusArt days and recalls the great friends and memories she made as well as the valuable transferable skills she gained that she uses in her everyday work life. Coreen is a confident and goal-oriented young woman because of LAMusArt.


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