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Alumni Spotlight: Jason Castillo

Jason’s first musical inspiration came from his father, who passed down his love and respect for guitar to his son.  Besides respect for music, his father also always told him that he would get “lots of chicks” if he played the guitar! Once his next door neighbor  taught him how to play “Come as you Are” by Nirvana on the bass, Jason realized he could create music on his own, with just a simple instrument. Jason identified from a young age various aspects of music that others did not notice. While his friends would listen to the lyrics, he could hear the underlying harmonies, instruments and chords that brought the song together.

At the age of 12 Jason found LAMusArt and began taking guitar lessons with Mr. Hober and started composing. Jason never liked covering music; he wanted to showcase his own work. His friends would constantly ask him to play their favorite popular songs.  Refusing their requests, he played them something he had composed instead.  After working closely with Jason, Mr. Hober suggested that Jason continue his studies in music composition and apply to Berklee College of Music.

Some of Jason’s most memorable performances happened during his time at LAMusArt.  Jason participated twice in the school’s annual Jack Gard Competition. In both competitions he played original pieces and won first place one year and second place the next year. Jason also performed as a soloist at LAMusArt’s Stars for the Arts Benefit Concert. He showed his versatility as a musician by playing Latin jazz pieces and a classical piece.

By the time he was in high school, Jason began composing orchestral pieces.   Jason was accepted to the Berklee College of Music where he studied Contemporary Writing and Production. Jason valued his time at Berklee and worked harder than ever to receive a well rounded education. Jason graduated in 2012 and has been working in TV and Film composition since. He began his own company, The Sounds of the Sun Productions, and was hired to compose music for TV networks such as “TLC”, “Discovery Channel” and the “Travel Channel”. Jason also composed for the short film Break. Most recently Jason connected with Film director, Kenneth Castillo, who hired him to compose the music for a full length film, La Guapa


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