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Alumni Spotlight: Nadia Aponte

Nadia Aponte, 23, is a dynamic musician whose journey with LAMusArt began at the young age of seven. Initially enrolling in piano lessons, Nadia's creative path was inspired by her father who “knew to bring her here” and her siblings who had already found their artistic home at LAMusArt. She participated in a plethora of lessons—piano, violin, trumpet, and voice—and had a passionate involvement in all ensembles LAMusArt had to offer. Being so heavily involved in LAMusArt's curriculum, she considers it a challenge to pinpoint a favorite teacher but found piano instructor Dr. Gideon Rubin the most impactful. She is grateful for his guidance “because he challenged and encouraged me to do better” helping her become the musician she is today.

Nadia's LAMusArt experience was surrounded by the melodies of the Youth Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble. She developed a profound love of creating music with fellow musicians who shared her passion and dedication. When reflecting on her favorite memories, Nadia speaks of the friendships formed within these ensembles and the members’ shared musical experiences. Nadia held on to her musical skills and ability to collaborate even after leaving LAMusArt - she now has her own band, Painite Cabernet, where her creativity continues to flourish.

Her foray into teaching at LAMusArt has brought her into a behind-the-scenes role: she now guides her students just as she was once guided. Nadia's musical path took her to Cal Poly Pomona, where she earned her degree in Industry Studies. After her education, Nadia took to LAMusArt to become its resident audio recording engineer and Audio Engineering instructor. She leads a triannual 10-week course in which students learn the fundamentals of audio recording. In addition to mentoring, Nadia’s role at LAMusArt includes lighting design and live sound mixing for performances at the Courtyard Stage. Nadia's pride isn't just in her personal growth but in her ability to inspire and impart knowledge to others.

Nadia's journey is the embodiment of LAMusArt's mission— she found an opportunity through music and art to pursue her passion and dreams. From a student to a mentor, Nadia's story is a symphony of growth, learning, and the positive impact of the arts. To those who contemplate joining LAMusArt, she believes that "It's a great school with great prices, and you'll learn a lot. I know I did." Nadia exemplifies the creative paths we wish all LAMusArt students to fearlessly embark upon!


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