Art Competition 2014

The Los Angeles Music and Art School hosted its annual Art Competition on Sunday, October 12, to celebrate and commemorate student artwork.

Many parents, students, and community members were in attendance to view our student gallery that featured artwork by students ages 5 – 18. Student work from Mr. Erick Altamirano’s and Ms. Zaina Baltagi’s classes that depicted self-portraits, animal studies, nature, and popular culture icons were displayed in our lobby and courtyard.

Guest judges included professional artists April Bey and Miles Lewis, who judged student work on its representation of technique, composition, and subject matter. Student winners were awarded in three categories: elementary (ages 5 – 9), middle school (ages 10 – 13), and high school (ages 14 – 18).

LAMusArt is immensely proud of all our student art competition participants and we applaud our student winners: