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LAMusArt’s New Recording Studio

As the Los Angeles Music and Art School’s 70th Anniversary Celebration continues, the school hosted a spring Open House to officially introduce its new addition: the LAMusArt Recording Studio.

The courtyard was dressed in festive flair, complete with balloon towers, high-top tables, string lighting, food and drinks to create a friendly environment for guests to mix and mingle and, for some, to learn of the school and programs for the first time.

Isela Sotelo, LAMusArt Executive Director, opened the evening with a heartfelt thank you to all in attendance. “The LAMusArt Recording Studio would not have been possible”, Sotelo said, “without the support of the Annenberg Foundation and the skills and creative vision of Magic Moreno.”

An experienced music producer, singer, and audio engineer, Moreno led the design, construction and management of the recording studio in collaboration with LAMusArt.

Before heading inside to see the new space, Sotelo took the time to acknowledge many of the past and current students present who were part of the first-ever music recording at the school.

The multi-purpose dance and, now, recording studio room looked resplendent as it welcomed guests to explore its new features. Moreno was on-hand to speak to guests about the equipment and capabilities of the new recording studio.

In addition to being made available to local musicians, teachers, and community members, the LAMusArt Recording Studio will host a brand new Recording Engineering Program later this year. The program is the first technical arts program offered at LAMusArt and will train students in the art of music recording and producing.

As everyone gathered inside the new space, Manny Prieto, LAMusArt Deputy Director, presented the music video of the LAMusArt Vocal Ensemble’s recording of Sara Bareilles’ song, “Brave.”

To commemorate the achievement, all in attendance received a CD recording of the song; an example of the future projects students will now be able to create.  For booking, rates and equipment lists, please email Manny Prieto at

For more photos, please check out our Facebook Album.


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