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LAMusArt’s Winter Dance Recital brings Season’s Greetings

Saturday, December 14, 2019 — LAMusArt’s annual Winter Dance Recital was held at East Los Angeles College Performing Art Center’s Proscenium Theater. “Seasons Greetings” featured LAMusArt’s Parent and Me Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Ballet I through III, Jazz and Modern, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater Dance classes. The recital was titled Season’s Greetings welcoming audiences with a Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter themed program as inspired by Antoni Vivaldi’s classical composition The Four Seasons. 

The East LA College Proscenium Theater filled up with proud parents and excited families in the audience as students performed an array of dances as choreographed by the teaching artists Carissa Songhorian, Tiana Alvarez, Christina O’Brien, and Ariel Improta.  

The recital began with students from Carissa’s Pre-Ballet students performing “The Four Seasons – Spring.” The dancers joyfully leaped across the stage in beautifully colored costumes as they partnered. Modern and Jazz piece “Familiar” moved the audience with the dancers gracefully performing. Alice Weiss and Margaret Weiss partnered as they expressed a great passion for their performance. 

The Summer portion of the program was filled with vibrant costumes and wonderfully talented dancers that moved in sync to modern and pop music. Tiana Alvarez’s Hip Hop students performed an out of this world themed dance which featured music by Will Smith, the Beastie Boys, and Quad City DJ. They shined with their vibrant costumed pants and tee shirts. Ariel Improta’s Musical Theater students performed to Kenny Loggins “Footloose” as they grooved in checkered tops.

The concert concluded with Ballet III + Pointe students dancing in “The Four Seasons – Winter.” The piece had the dancers executive powerful pirouettes and turns in their pointe ballet shoes. A highlight from this performance was a solo by Ariana Avellan who danced beautifully with elongated lines of her arms and legs that stretched high into the space. 

Students spent countless hours throughout the semester dedicating each class to learning and rehearsing their dance pieces in preparation for the recital. The performances were a grand showcase of the LAMusArt dance students and the dedicated teaching artists who help guide young artist of the Eastside to continue to be artistic. 

LAMusArt is continually committed to providing opportunities for its students to perform and for the community to enjoy.

LAMusArt welcomes new dance students throughout the year! For more information on how to join and for a list of classes, visit us at

Photos by CBGRAPHY


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