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Student Spotlight: Adriana Ortega

Adriana Ortega, age 19, started her creative journey with the Los Angeles Music and Art School over a decade ago, in the school’s choir program. Since then, she has explored many other aspects of the arts, taking various classes like ballet, tap, folklorico, cello, art, guitar, and piano. Adriana was also involved with Camp MusArt for two years, taking on various roles such as, the villainous sea witch, Ursula, from The Little Mermaid, and the vivacious Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical.

It was at the Los Angeles Music and Art School, where Adriana was given the opportunity to connect and work at 2 professional recording studios- all before the age of 10. Recording for Daniel Indart, award-winning, producer, composer, and Jose Luis-Orozco, bilingual educator, children’s author, and recording artist, was an experience overwhelmingly exciting for Adriana. In both cases, Adriana was allowed to experience the ins-and-outs of a recording studio. Side-by-side with fellow LAMusArt alumni Tiffany Galaviz, these two young artists were able to share their love for singing, all while connecting others to the latin culture through music and language.

“I was 10 years old and she was about 9, but  we felt like pop stars! I remember, we were not scared – we were excited. The buttons on all the computers, all the lights, the headphones that were too big for our heads, it was all so much, and we loved it. I thank LAMusArt for giving me that opportunity,” says Adriana.  

She recalls how being able to connect the Latin culture and language through music, in hopes to teach young listeners to embrace both song and language through music, was truly an experience to remember.  Moving into her high school career at Providence High School, Adriana took her love for the arts, and everything she learned about them, with her. She became a member of the various art programs the school provided including; the advanced choir (Providence Singers), the all women’s choir (Les Dames), and the advanced drama program. Through the drama program at her high school, Adriana was able to explore the more technical side of the arts, becoming stage manager for Providence High School’s, first original play, Lily the Glitch.

Along with her weekend classes at LAMusArt, Adriana volunteers at her church, Holy Trinity, as a cantor for Sunday masses; returning as an alumni, as Holy Trinity had been her elementary/middle school.

“Going to school at the Los Angeles Music and Art School has given me the confidence that I somewhat lacked growing up. I am able to do more things- share my ideas and creativity, unforgivably- because of LAMusArt. Not only is the school my best supporter in my passion of the arts, it is also the place where I learned to be the most creative version of myself- something we don’t necessarily learn in any classroom or playing field,” says Adriana.

You may see Adriana today, singing alongside her fellow music lovers in LAMusArt’s Choir/Advanced choir. Transferring to UC Berkeley in the fall (2019), to study Communications/Media Studies, she hopes you will join her in her final show at the Stars For the Arts concert this September, as she interprets “On the Steps of the Palace” from Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods.  


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