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Student Spotlight: Joaquin Huerta

Joaquin, age 10, is one of our newest young artists at LAMusArt. Making his Camp MusArt debut as one of the members of New York’s infamous crapshooters in Guys and Dolls Jr. (2019), Joaquin’s enthusiasm was evident every time he was on the stage. When asked what he liked best about Camp Musart, he confidently replied, “Art. It is creative, I have always loved art. It has always been one of my favorite subjects. The time we painted on a canvas, that was definitely my favorite project.”

Joaquin has always found an interest in the arts, but the Los Angeles Music and Art School has played a big part in Joaquin’s growth as an artist, and has encouraged his greatest artistic goal: to direct and produce videos.

“I want to make videos. You can get creative with anything. For example, if you are an animation storyteller, you can tell stories through art. I can use what I learn in all my classes here, and my creativity, to tell stories in so many different ways,” Joaquin states.

The future director plans on taking all the ideas and creativity he garnered in his 5 weeks at Camp MusArt and expanding on it. He believes it is not only fine art that has helped him gain ideas for stories, but all four art disciplines – music, art, dance and drama combined.

When asked about how he would describe his overall experience with art enrichment during Camp MusArt, Joaquin replied with enthusiasm, “It is a really good camp. You can take all sorts of classes like art, drama, dance, and music. What makes it even better is you perform an awesome show at the end – that’s what I would say. This is my first year here but I know that when I go back to school I will for sure invite all my friends to join for next year.”

We applaud Joaquin and his prodigious goals. We cannot wait to see Joaquin make his make behind the camera as a director, but in the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing him perform onstage again next summer!


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