Student Spotlight: Tanyth Perez


iplines (Past/Present): Camp MusArt

Tanyth Perez, age 14, is currently a student at Providence High School. She started her journey as a young artist at Camp MusArt in 2015. Since then, Tanyth has performed in an array of shows inhabiting many different characters including Mufasa’s malicious bother, Scar, in The Lion King Jr. (2017), the sneaky Wickersham brother in Horton Hears a Who Jr. (2016), and Papa Ge, the sly demon of death, in Once on This Island Jr. (2018), to name a few.

When asked how she feels her experience at LAMusArt has changed her, she doesn’t hesitate in her response:

 “I feel like I have opened up a lot more; I feel comfortable with myself- I know I was not like that before I joined Camp MusArt. When I was younger I was super quiet and afraid to talk to people, or share ideas and stuff. I kept to myself a lot. Now I’m not like that. I am not scared to say hi and meet new people. I am not afraid to share my ideas. I’m not afraid to be myself. Camp MusArt did that for me.” 

Among the four art disciplines that are taught at Camp MusArt, dance is one of Tanyth’s favorites. 

“I really like dancing- Hip Hop especially. I think when we learned a dance from the musical Hamilton in class; that was my favorite. I like learning all the techniques and steps,” she says.

In addition to being a young artist, Tanyth is also an involved athlete and competes in all kinds of sports such as volleyball, basketball and swimming. Tanyth’s astounding development as a performer grows each summer, and we are waiting with bated breath to see what she does this year!