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Student Spotlight: Zoe Garcia

Disciplines (Past/Present): Violin, Voice, Choir, Mariachi, Playmaking

Zoe Garcia, age 11, has been a student at LAMusArt since 2017. A musically talented pupil, Zoe is dedicated to violin, voice, choir, and mariachi. Out of all the classes she currently takes, her favorite is Mariachi because she is exposed to new instruments and gets to play with diverse musicians.

Zoe feels that her experience at LAMusArt has changed her relationship to music. Before she used to just like music, but today she feels constantly inspired. When we asked her if there is a teacher that has made an impact in her life she responded, “Mr. Timothy Maloof has influenced me by pushing me beyond my comfort level and helping me to understand that if I don't get a piece right away, keep trying and it will get better. Never give up!”

When asked about a favorite performance memory, she mentioned the 2019 Camp MusArt production of Guys and Dolls. Zoe says she would like all of her friends to join LAMusArt, and she would love for them to know that this is a great place to learn music and art. She also added, LAMusArt is a safe place where you can work and build on your confidence, as well as meet talented great people to share the arts with. Aside from the arts, Zoe would love to learn more about animals as she dreams of becoming a veterinarian in the future. We are happy to continue watching Zoe grow as an artist and can’t wait to hear all about her future adventures.


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