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YPAB members were students for a day

This past Saturday, school was in session for members of LAMusArt’s Young Professionals Advisory Board (YPAB), who participated in visual arts and dance classes alongside current students. The YPAB was created by Executive Director, Isela Sotelo; Deputy Director, Manuel Prieto; and Riordan Leadership Institute Intern, Jasmine Ako to give young professionals opportunities to become ambassadors in support of artistic programs, students and the proliferation of arts in the community.

YPAB members were treated to a day of team bonding, learning about each others’ personal experiences with the arts and their drive to contribute to LAMusArt’s mission. As members of the YPAB, the team of young professionals will gain experience in Board Governance, fundraising and nonprofit leadership that will allow them to transition into Board roles in the future.

On this day and occasion, however, the focus was on creative learning. First off, the group participated in a drawing and painting class taught by Mr. Erick Altamirano, alumni of LAMusArt. Mr. Altamirano began class with a brief painting demonstration that focused on lighting and color before letting YPAB members dive into their own still-life drawings and paintings. This gave the YPAB members a glimpse of the curriculum LAMusArt students engage in during class.

After kick-starting their creative juices it was time for lunch! Special guest speaker, Ms. Sally Jue of the Riordan Leadership Institute, led an insightful professional development session focusing on the roles of organization ambassadors and the development of donor relations. YPAB members were able to practice their “elevator speeches” or introductions they can make to prospective donors to establish first relations and interest in our cause.

After some mental stimulation, it was time for physical activity! Ms. Jenny Chaparro, also an LAMusArt alumni, led a dance class featuring multiple dance styles and choreography. Ms. Chaparro soon had students and YPAB members working a sweat!

Towards the end of the day, YPAB members observed a KIPP student violin rehearsal (part of the Music Outreach Partnership Program) led by teaching artist, Timothy Maloof. The YPAB’s full day spent at LAMusArt amongst current students and teachers gave them an insight into the experiences and impact they will now help support.


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