LAMusArt Live! Programs

Saturday, October 10 at 8pm
SAFFRON ENSEMBLE: Connecting Worlds
Featuring Timo Maloof, Daniel Corral, Lina Kaisey and David Martinelli

Saturday, November 14 at 8pm

TABLAO: Noche de Flamenco

Featuring Tiana Alvarez, Briseyda Zarate and Gabriel Osuna

Saturday, December 12 at 8pm

MARIACHI: A Musical Celebration
Featuring Maira Solis and Mariachi Tierra Mia

Saturday, January 16 at 8pm

KORDUROY: Latin-Soul Fusion Night
Featuring Dr. Isaac Lopez, Corbin Jones and Ryan McDiarmid

Saturday, February 13 at 8pm
Featuring: Cat Mehta

Saturday, March 13 at 8pm

Led by Dr. Ashely Salinas

Saturday, April 17 at 8pm 

ENCORE: BROADWAY: Charlotte Mary Wen in Concert

Featuring Hamilton’s Charlotte Mary Wen and Morgan Anita Wood

Saturday, May 15 at 8pm 

ENCORE: PLAYMAKING, Students Write, Adults Perform

Featuring: Danny Jolles, Diana Romo, Ebony Howard, Eddie Ruiz, Elizabeth Morrison, Jesse Holcomb, John Garet Stoker, Kathleen Jequinto, Marnina Schon and Michael O'Konis

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