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Amaris Pueyes


Born in Santa Cruz, California, Amaris Pueyes Mendez spent most of her life in Chile, while also traveling extensively throughout South America. This exposure ignited a curiosity for different cultures and a passion for dance in the countries she visited. To date, she has had the privilege of performing on international stages, including those in Brazil, Chile, South Korea, New Zealand, Barbados, Argentina, Uruguay, and the US.

While Amaris thoroughly enjoys performing, she has also broadened her career as a choreographer and dance instructor. Her focus and mission have been to establish dance education programs in under-served communities across South America, catering to students from kindergarten to adulthood. Additionally, she has choreographed and directed dance performances in communities where the art form is undervalued or not well-known.

Over the years, she has trained in various dance styles, from classical ballet to hip-hop, and continues expanding her expertise through ongoing studies at the University of Southern California. Amaris’ dedication to dance is fueled by her desire to continually open doors for those who have limited access to the world of storytelling through movement and expression.

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