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Bridget DeLee


Bridget DeLee is a multidisciplinary artist born in Los Angeles, California. She works in painting, sculpture, and mixed media, often using unconventional materials such as synthetic hair, palm skin, and rope. In her paintings, she employs unexpected color schemes to the skin of her subjects, making the substantive value the main focal point. She draws from her family history, the changes in the urban landscape, and sociopolitical issues of race, memory, and displacement.

DeLee has exhibited at Durden and Ray, VAMA Gallery, The Mistake Room, and Track 16. As an emerging artist, she has spoken on panels for Art & Activism: Through the African American Experience and on CSUDH’s discussion panel. Recently, her artwork was part of Between Mothers: The Power of Creativity, presented at UCLA. She is a recipient of the Winston Russell Hewitt Scholarship and second place in the VAMA scholarship award. In addition, her sculpture, In Between, has been written up in the Los Angeles Times for her exhibition in Confluence in connection with the water drought and the Los Angeles River. She received an A.A. degree in art, liberal studies, and interdisciplinary studies from Los Angeles Southwest College, a B.A. in studio art from California State University Dominguez Hills, and a Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Fellowship. Presently, she is a Teaching Artist with the non-profit organization P.S. Arts, which provides arts education to public schools in the Los Angeles area.

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