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Please join us for LAMusArt’s 75th Birthday Bash Virtual Benefit Concert on Saturday, September 12 at 8pm for a unique celebratory experience from the safety and comfort of your home.  The special streamed concert will feature performances by guest artist Charlotte Mary Wen (Hamilton, Frozen, Mamma Mia) and LAMusArt’s acclaimed student performers.

Mission & History

LAMusArt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youngsters by providing them with the resources for a high quality arts education.

We aim to provide opportunities for underserved students in East Los Angeles and its surrounding communities, regardless of race, gender, aptitude, or socio-economic status, to engage in and have access to multidisciplinary and sequential low-cost and/or no-cost arts education programs.

Amid our increasingly contentious political climate, now more than ever LAMusArt is dedicated to offering crucial arts opportunities for community members who need them. With funding for public schools limited in the area, arts programs are the first to disappear. LAMusArt is the only organization that provides arts instruction in music, visual arts, dance and drama during after school hours in the East Los Angeles area year-round. Without LAMusArt’s programs, many children in this community would not have sustained access to equitable arts programs that serve as an alternative to involvement in high-risk behavior such as gang activity, substance abuse and teen pregnancy. Our students, mostly K-12, are in need of a productive use of their time that exposes them to the benefits of arts education, and affords them a creative vehicle for social change.

LAMusArt focuses on offering our community the benefits of arts exposure and we seek to bridge the gap between community members and the arts. On the surface, our services provide opportunities for students to receive an arts education, but on a deeper level, our programs provide an outlet for creative expression, an alternative to involvement in high-risk behavior, a safe place to develop skills and confidence, and a means to a successful future.

Annual Report 2018-2019

Silent Auction Preview

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