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Alumni Spotlight: Alexis Cruz

“My best memory at LAMusArt is from summer camp. We did the production of Grease that summer and it was my first time getting a primary character. It was so much fun, what I was learning from the teachers, and creating so many bonds…It was definitely a time I got out of my comfort zone, and it made me realize my favorite art form was acting,” she says.

Miss Cruz has taken both the skills and the inspiration of her camp experiences with her into her post-secondary education. She is currently a student at the University of Southern California where she studies Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Acting, as well as Public Relations. She recently performed as Tsauwiat in the USC School of Dramatic Arts production of Men on Boats, a “contemporary snapshot of the historic geographic expedition of 1869.”

As a first generation Latinx college student and artist, Alexis believes in investing in the communities that encourage and engage in your dreams.

“My East LA community created my roots for me. It created the basis for me and what it means to be an artist. I can’t see my life without being an artist, so they gave everything to me… [LAMusArt] definitely made me who I am today. I wouldn’t be the same artist that I am today. Even though I am only studying acting, I use the other art forms that I was taught when I was younger in productions or my theater classes. Giving back to this community means so much to me, and is something I hope I am able to repay in the future for giving me my future,” she says.

Although Alexis stopped taking classes at LAMusArt years ago, she still finds ways to contribute to the school. She visits her mom, Alex, in the front office occasionally, and in 2017, she volunteered to be a Teacher’s Assistant for the inaugural Playmaking program. Alexis also helps out as an usher at performances when she can.

In addition to her involvement in plays, student films, and theater companies, Alexis is on the Dean’s List, and is also a sorority member.

We couldn’t be prouder of Alexis, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!


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