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Annual Art Competition Showcases Talent of All Ages at LAMusArt

BeFunky Collage26

LAMusArt’s annual fall Art Competition took place on Sunday, October 15th at our East Los Angeles facility and featured over 50 pieces of art by LAMusArt students, ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. Over 130 guests observed the pieces throughout the evening of friendly competition, with work featuring vibrant landscapes and detailed portraits. The competition began with a viewing of the displayed artwork by three distinguished judges, contemporary artist Aaron Estrada, photographer Star Montana, and muralist Isabel Peinado, who deliberated after the viewing to decide the winners in each group. After a half hour of thoughtful consideration, the judges chose three winners and one honorable mention per group, resulting in 12 trophy winners overall.

In the Elementary group, first place was awarded to Luis Cubilla, age 9, for his painting entitled, “The Lost Bear,” depicting a lone bear cub in the woods. The Elementary group, which had 25 entries, was judged on clarity of representation of subject and color application.

The Intermediate group, comprised of 20 entries, was judged on level of detailed representation of subject and excellence in color application. Leonardo Miranda’s haunting portrait, “Matina” took home first place for its use of color, dimension, and detail, followed by Kimberly Garcia’s “Day Lily,” and Sophia Carillo’s “Far Away Travel.”

The Advanced group consisted of students ages 14-18 with a total of five entries. Alejandra Ortega’s “Marine World” took the first place prize, which included a trophy and a six month scholarship. Second place went to Alejandro Miranda for his painting entitled, “In A Sentimental Mood,”and third place was awarded to “Mystic Falls,” by Diego Barraza.

For many East Los Angeles community members, the Art Competition is not only a time for students to showcase their work, but an opportunity to acknowledge the arts as an integral part of personal development.

“Unfortunately in schools when the budget gets cut, usually the arts programs go with them and so spaces like LAMusArt, that foster artistic development and growth, are important to our community and culture,” said Erick Altamirano, an LAMusArt Teaching Artist and alum.

“It’s more than an art competition; it is a celebration of the tremendous efforts and value that our students and families put into the arts,” said Program Coordinator, Hugo Rios.

The lovely evening culminated in celebration of the student artists, and remarks from the esteemed judges and Teaching Artists.

“Everyone is a winner today. The arts historically have been in danger, and so being able to see your students express themselves is an absolute honor,” said Star Montana.

For more information about LAMusArt’s visual arts program, click here.


Elementary 1st Place


Elementary 3rd Place


Elementary Honorable Mention


Intermediate 1st Place


Intermediate 3rd Place


Intermediate Honorable Mention


Advanced 1st Place


Advanced 2nd Place


Advanced 3rd Place


Advanced Honorable Mention


Opening Ceremony for the group


LAMusArt Parents exploring the artwork


LAMusArt Staff and Jury for the day


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