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Art Competition 2013

The Los Angeles Music and Art School proudly hosted its annual Art Competition, this past Sunday, a much anticipated art contest open to visual artists enrolled at LAMusArt.  The event representing works in painting, sculpture, drawing and mixed media, was juried by a panel of distinguished community artists. Entries were received from artists ages five to eighteen and was categorized into elementary, secondary elementary, middle school and high school levels. The Art Competition was a great opportunity for student artists to gain exposure by exhibiting their work to friends and family, and to speak about their subject matter, technique and passion for art-making.

Joining the panel of judges this year on Sunday, October 6 was artist Jose Luis Gonzalez, Norma Montoya and Manny Prieto. Jose Luis Gonzales has been in the fine art business for over fifty years, he is a muralist and studio artist. Norma Montoya is also a working artist and specializes in arts education for students with special needs. Manny Prieto is an emerging artist and is a stage, film and television designer.

Awards were distributed to juror selected artists by art instructors Erick Altamirano and Yami Duarte. The winners of the art competition received a shiny engraved trophy and will have their art pieces  exhibited in the school’s Art Gallery located in the school’s lobby along with the students’ profiles for all to enjoy.

Congratulations to all the wonderful participants, it was a memorable afternoon with over 150 attendees. We invite the community to come and visit us to see the winning pieces on display in the school’s lobby, or to learn more about enrolling  in art lessons.  Perhaps you or your child will be encouraged to participate in next year’s competition.


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