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Camp MusArt Returns to Live Performances with Disney on Stage After Two Years Away

On Saturday, August 6th, 2022, the Los Angeles Music and Art School presented the final performance of Camp MusArt 2022, Disney On Stage!, in the organization’s brand new performance space, the Courtyard Stage. LAMusArt welcomed a full audience to witness the hour-long musical revue packed with Disney classics like “Circle of Life” from The Lion King and “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. The group of nearly thirty students sang songs from other favorites like Mary Poppins and High School Musical as well. Donned in adorable dresses and polos of red, green, blue, purple, and yellow, the students showcased the skills they’ve been learning and rehearsing over the course of four summer weeks.

Camp MusArt, one of the organization’s most popular and longest running seasonal programs, offers an affordable option for summer arts learning, focusing on four major disciplines (Music, Art, Dance, and Drama) each week while simultaneously rehearsing a live show. Students learn the fundamentals of each discipline, and appropriate behaviors for on and offstage. The program is meant to help students explore creativity in everyday life and to encourage important life skills like collaboration, self-discipline and confidence. Students discover movement and exercise through Dance, memorization and collaboration in Music, gain confidence in Drama, and express themselves through Art. After two years of virtual and hybrid summer programming, LAMusArt is thrilled to be able to offer in-person programming once more.

Some camp students had never performed before, and experienced their first live performance with their peers at LAMusArt. The show featured soaring solos, fabulous group singing, and high energy dance numbers. Soloists for both sessions included Sayer Uribe, Kris Jaramillo, and Leo Hernandez as Aladdin, Amalie Cedano and Juliet Diaz as Jasmine, Violet Beltran and Raquel Funes as The Genie. Duets were performed throughout the summer by Ayden Luna, Diego Valdovinos, Raquel Funes, and Levi Salazar. The performers varied in ages from 7-14 years old.

Camp MusArt is led by four instructors, and the culminating show was conceptualized by them as well. Miss Amaris Pueyes directed the show and taught Drama; Music Direction and Music lessons were taught by Mr. Jack Kimmel; Dance and show choreography were led by Mr. Arturo Gonzalez; and Props and Art were taught by Mr. Julio Muñoz.


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