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Intern Spotlight: Daniel Hermosisima

Navigating life as a college student during a pandemic has presented students with numerous trials, but with the arts as a tool, students like LAMusArt intern Daniel can work to make sense of our new normal and stay on the creative path. Programs & Communications intern, Daniel Hermosisima, joined the LAMusArt team in November 2020 as he was entering his second year of college as a pre-Psychology student. Unlike any other internship year, this year’s program encouraged interns to nurture their artistry and develop a new appreciation for how the arts work through us all.

Daniel brought his recent experience in an afterschool program plus his love for playing music to the LAMusArt team, working virtually for the majority of his projects. He shared insight on how the internship experience helped him form new personal goals. “Watching the way kids light up in an online class with a mix of stage fright and excitement is one of the purest ways I have been influenced,” he says when asked what inspired him this year. Daniel’s role exposed him to a diverse set of projects that ranged from writing moving recaps of LAMusArt’s virtual concert series to helping execute a 10,000 household outreach effort. He spoke on a having a new angle when it comes to studying psychology: “I’ve started looking at my current major in terms of how I can benefit the community”, which is a passion he had not fully recognized before the internship.

The Arts Internship Program is grant funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture and includes peer group sessions which introduce interns to other undergrads in the same sector. It was in these sessions that Daniel drew inspiration from his fellow interns and the artistry shared amongst one another. “The peer groups, the amount of people that are involved, and the talent that's involved -- being exposed to raw talent so closely has given me much more than any other ‘job’ I’ve ever had.”

For many, the realities of the pandemic in communities severely impacted by the pandemic raised awareness for the deep disparities of arts education, especially for our students of color. Daniel spoke on how influential music was on him as a young child and acknowledged that these opportunities were possible because of resources. Through his work, he has seen another side of arts education and how the young people who may need it the most get it (the arts) the least. “I feel that having such young experiences with music has played a much larger role in my mental health and overall well-being – which is what I would hope for any child’s arts education.” Daniel sees his music as a comfort and a reliable way to practice self-expression. He aims to continue creating and continue performing, even if no one is watching!

LAMusArt is a proud grantee of the Los Angeles Department of Arts and Culture Arts Internship program that provides access to high quality opportunities for college students of all backgrounds to gain experience, understanding, and transferable skills relevant to careers in the arts, the creative economy, and engagement in public life.

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