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Emerging Artists Blossom at Concierto

Emerging artists fervently welcomed the spring 2013 season on April 14, 2013 at the Los Angeles Music & Art School’s 2st annual “Concierto de Primavera” honoring Sandra P. Hahn. Presented at East Los Angeles Community College’s Performing Arts Center, the program featured an exciting lineup of performances by the LAPCA Youth Orchestra, Junior Orchestra, the LAMusArt Choral Ensemble, the KIPP LA Raices Academy-Music Outreach Partnership Program, and select student soloists.

LAMusArt Executive Director Isela Sotelo welcomed the audience and shared the inspiration behind the program, after acknowledging all of the individuals who helped make the event a success. Ms. Sotelo emphasized the importance of live performance in music education and the important role parents play in their student’s artistic development.      

The afternoon of performances opened with a set from the LAMusArt Choral Ensemble, directed by Marisa Bradfield, featuring traditional songs     “Joshua”  by  J. Paul Williams and “And So It Goes” by Bill Joel .  Diego Aponte followed on piano with “Nocturne in c sharp” by Chopin.  Next Mariah Romero sang a song from the longest-running Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera. The audience received Romero warmly, but it was her clear tone which masterfully delivered Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Think of Me” that brought the audience to a long and loud applause .  Recently admitted  to The Los Angeles County High School of the Arts (LACHSA), pianist Samantha Fang delivered a performance that showed why she deserved her admission at the highly competitive LACHSA program. LAMusArt violin instructor and orchestra string coach, Timothy Maloof, was proud to present student violinists in a group performance which was a crowd favorite.

Sandra P. Hahn, Board Member and proprietor of Crepes & Grapes Cafe in Downtown Whittier, was presented the Creative Paths in Education Award by Board of Directors President, Dr. Efrain G. Fuentes. Sandra’s commitment, leadership and contributions to LAMusArt as a parent, teacher, artist and Board Member has paved the way for a legacy of positive developments in the community of East Los Angeles and beyond.

LAMusArt’s LAPCA Youth Orchestra rounded out the program with a movie medley spectacular, featuring works by John Williams and Klaus Badelt. A generous donation of new tympani drums and outreach to local schools has allowed the orchestra to expand its membership and repertoire, recently forming a Percussion Ensemble who performed “Quasi Bossa Nova” coached by Haig Shirinian.  This year’s Concierto de Primavera was a huge success, and we look forward to continuing serving our students and the community for many more springs to come!


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