LAMusArt Live! Premieres 10 Original Student Compositions

For the first time ever, LAMusArt’s music student composition class debuted original works performed by a professional clarinet quintet.

From studios in Los Angeles, five professional musicians led by Dr. Ashley Salinas performed ten works by student composers Aaron Pasillas, Christopher Aviles, Kevin Hernandez, Azucena Ortega, Lukas Neff, Avi Garcia, Alejandra Ortega, Diana Zayas and Julia Zayas. Each composer showcased their developing talents in pieces that represented an array of classical styles.

Sixteen-year-old Aaron Pasillas’ composition opened the set with a suspenseful arrangement for the clarinet, viola, cello, and two violins that created texture by layering precise rhythmic violin parts with melodic phrasing from the viola and clarinet. In a softer, expressive composition, Azucena’s “As I Stare…” grabbed listeners and viewers' attention with thoughtful meditative phrases and beautifully resolved harmonies. Following Guzman’s composition audience were treated to a lighter waltz that kept time beautifully with a cello pizzicato written by Christopher Aviles, his years o