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LAMusArt Partners with KIPP Philosophers for Free Music Instruction

LAMusArt is proud to announce the newest partner in Tuition-Free Music Ensembles: KIPP Philosophers Academy. This month, 13 beginner violin students ages 10-14 were given instruments at no charge to families and kicked off a brand new choir expansion began - all virtually!

In violin, over just one class they learned the different parts of the physical violin, how to hold the violin, and how to hold the bow correctly. Under the tutelage of Timothy Maloof, students were eager to begin playing. Ms. Cat Mehta took new singers through a complete choir class that explored breathing techniques, pitch and more. These 8 to 10-week sessions are redesigned Tuition-Free Music Ensemble lessons tailored to the students of KIPP Philosophers to make their experience challenging, engaging and unique.

KIPP SoCal Students Pre-Pandemic

During the pandemic, it can be hard for students to partake in after-school programs, but with virtual programs like these, we can keep them engaged and learning new skills like enhanced motor skills and critical thinking. We are so proud to foster their skills and look forward to a long partnership. For more info visit


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