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Playmaking: Page to Stage

On August 5th, the spotlight shone brightly on LAMusArt’s Courtyard Stage as Playmaking: Page to Stage came to life. The sixth annual performance marked a remarkable feat of creativity and collaboration as six students joined forces with six adult partners to produce and perform their own original plays and songs.

Dramaturged by Executive Director, Tahnee Freda, and guided by drama teacher Evan Enderle, Playmaking: Page to Stage provided a platform for budding young playwrights, both newcomers and returning students, to unleash their imaginations. The heart of the program lay in the special partnership between the students and their adult counterparts. The scriptwriting journey was a shared 10 week adventure, with students and adults brainstorming, crafting, and refining their narratives side by side.

The stories that graced the Courtyard Stage were as diverse and enchanting as the minds behind them. From wizards wielding spells to talking utensils afraid of being replaced by a spork, the students’ infinite creativity was wholly on display. The audience marveled at the whimsy of real estate agent bears, pondered dreams and the passage of time, and cheered for the reconciliation between a superhero and his dastardly villain/butcher.

The show order was as follows: Long Lost Sisters, The Dream, Bear Minimum, The Darkest Drawer, Two Bots Are Better Than One, and This is Bologna.

The effects that adorned the stage added another layer of magic to the experience, bringing the stories to life with color and flashes. The tapestry of emotions resonated with all hearts as the final curtain fell and left the audience in awe of the students’ creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

The six plays were written and performed by students Raymah Carlos, Audrey Castaneda, Agatha and Dilys Duddridge, George Jaramillo, and Matthew Robles. These playwrights were guided by their adult partners Vella Lovell, Evan Enderle, Samantha Kellie, Olivia McNally, Melanie Johnson, and Stephen Ellis. Songs were composed and performed live by LAMusArt instructor, Isaac Johnson. Production and tech was helmed by Programs Manager, Jose Fletes, along with Tech Assistant, Nadia Aponte, and LA County intern, Will Domke.

Congratulations to our playwrights, their partners, and all who made this possible!


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