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Student Spotlight: Alice Weiss

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Disciplines: Music, Art, Dance, Drama

Favorite Subject in School: Math

Best thing about LAMusArt: Hanging out with friends

Alice Weiss, who just recently turned 12 years old, first started at LAMusArt in 2015 as a piano student. Since then, she has broadened her arsenal of artistic skills beyond just tickling the ivory. In as little as two years, Alice has taken lessons in all four of our creative disciplines, including instruction in cello, flute, art, hip hop dance, and drama.

Most recently, Miss Weiss just completed a 10 week session of Playmaking, LAMusArt’s newest drama program where kids write plays that adults perform. Alice’s play, Street Friends, about how a homeless cat named Shadow (played by Cecilia Fairchild) and a dancing bird named Freestyle (played by Kate Chindlund) become unlikely friends as they search for food together, was a huge hit at the Volume 2 performance of FIRST CLASS: THE INAUGURAL PLAYS at the Scene Dock Theatre at USC on December 4, 2017. Alice was part of the very first group of kids to complete the program at LAMusArt.

In addition to all of her other endeavors at the school, Alice is a seasoned Camp MusArt camper. In 2016, Alice played a Jungle Animal/Circus Animal in LAMusArt’s production of Suessical and in 2017 she was a member of the Grassland Ensemble and the Hyena pack in The Lion King. When asked what Alice’s best memory of Camp MusArt is, she said, “The performances, even though they make you nervous.”

Although Alice is unsure of her artistic goals moving forward, we look forward to watching her express her talents and master her crafts at LAMusArt!


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