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Student Spotlight: Angel Barajas

Disciplines (Past/Present): Drama, Playwriting, Piano, Drums

Angel Barajas, age 9, has been a young artist with LAMusArt since June 2016. Angel started his journey with LAMusArt by joining the Drama class and developed his writing skills with LAMusArt’s Playmaking program. Angel made his debut to the stage in 2016 as Daniel’s son in the musical Once on this Island.

Angel’s favorite class to attend has been the Drama classes, as he says when speaking about Travis Laughlin, “Mr. Travis has taught us how to be better actors and have less stage fright.” He also adds that drama is fun for him because he “gets to act like someone he’s not for a day.” Angel favors his Playwriting class with Tahnee Freda, where he attributes his ability to form plots and accurately express his feelings through story lines.

Throughout his four years at LAMusArt, Angel also attributes his music ability to attending summer sessions with Camp MusArt.

Another reason Angel loves Drama class is for the fun, silly moments. While he acted as Daniel’s son in Once on this Island, Angel’s favorite moment had to be the dance number in which his friends played frogs while he acted as a bird. However, he still takes into account the less comical, saying he enjoys that Drama has encouraged him to conquer his fear of acting on stage and he no longer feels shy in front of his friends.

When Angel isn’t acting on stage or writing his own plays, you can find him playing drums or piano.


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