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Student Spotlight: Anna R.

Disciplines (Past/Present): Ballet, Jumps & Turns (Ballet 1-3), Jazz & Modern Dance, CampMusArt, Drama

Anna, age 10, has been a student at LAMusArt for almost 3 years. When Anna started in 2019, she said she had trouble performing some of the difficult movements involved in ballet. Now, she is proud of her achievements in overcoming an “oversplit” and a “double pirouette.”

Her favorite class at LAMusArt has been Ballet II, especially because of her teacher. She has always loved dance as her main form of self-expression and artistic outlet, but after taking ballet classes, she fell in love with it more. In fact, she found more interest in the artform once taking Drama Classes. She told us, “Drama was especially helpful for dance because he helped me express myself more with my facial expressions and my body movements.” Anna emphasizes that being able to express her emotions on a more dramatic level has helped her put dance on a more personal platform in her artistic ability.

She also gives credibility for her appreciation of the arts to LAMusArt, “taking classes at LAMusArt has made me more eager to perform and love the arts more.”

When asked about her favorite experience at LAMusArt, she noted the time she took rehearsing and performing Guys & Dolls.

Another experience that came to mind was in Drama class with when Mr. Laughlin would play a tune on piano and the class would improvise their own song––her favorite being about chanclas.

When she grows up, Anna wants to be an astrophysicist or a contemporary dancer. We have high hopes for Anna and the bright future she has ahead of her!


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