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Student Spotlight: Avi Garcia

Student: Avi Garcia,


Disciplines: Music, Drama

Avi Garcia, age 10, is a force to be reckoned with at LAMusArt. An endearing writer and performer, Avi started at LAMusArt in March of 2017 as a violin student with Ms. Antonian. Since then, Avi has continued to take violin with Mr. Maloof, and has become a student of LAMusArt’s Drama department. In 2018, Avi joined the ensemble of Camp MusArt’s Once on this Island, Jr. as a Gossiper/Storyteller.

Most recently Avi wowed audiences as a Playmaking student with her original play, Future Time, about a boy named Bill who is visited by Time itself and asked to save the planet from pollution before it’s too late. Her piece was performed by John Garet Stoker and Michael Khachanov, and directed by Katie Lindsay at The York Manor in December. Dramatic writing comes naturally to Avi. Before joining Playmaking, she won first place in the Youth Cultural Arts Foundation’s 2018 Monologue Writing Contest.

“Avi is a gifted storyteller with so many ideas! She was such a delight in the classroom and I can’t wait to see what she does next,” said Playmaking Instructor, Tahnee Freda.

When Avi is not participating in the arts, she is an avid athlete and is also a graduate of Barbizon Southern California. Go, Avi!


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